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  • Spark Baseplate Padding Kits

    Increase foot warmth and comfort on long tours with our Baseplate Padding Kits. Made of durable and grippy EVA foam. 3M peel and stick adhesive keeps pads firmly in place. Ideal for long days on the skin track or firm riding conditions.

    Six versions: Cutout (for Magneto, Arc, Women’s Arc, & Burton Hitchhikers) and Solid (for AfterBurner, Surge, & Women’s Surge).

    Average Weight: 0.67oz/pr (19g)

  • Spark Crossbar Clips

    You want your splitboard to ride more like a solid board. We get it; so do we.

    Our clever design features a one-piece crossbar that extends from one set of bolts to the other for the stiffest possible connection between the board halves. The cam lever clamps the board together taking gaps out of the board seam. The crossbar and lever rotate out of the way leaving nothing hanging over the edges to snag while you’re touring or getting rad split skiing. Clamping tension is easily fine-tuned by turning a set screw, compensating for any wear or board variability. Spark Crossbar Clips are made from lightweight aluminum in an elegant low profile design, with only two moving parts. As a bonus feature, they can be entirely set up with the M3 hex bit on your Spark tool.

    Includes: 2 x 'L' Alignment brackets, 2 x Crossbars, 4 x shorter screws for thin (i.e. carbon or kids) splitboards

    Weight: 2.9oz/pr (82g)

  • Spark LT Bracket

    A spare bracket for your parts kit made from extruded aluminum, the LT bracket is stiff, light, and slop free with self-lubricating bushings for nearly frictionless touring.

    Purchase a full LT Bracket Kit here.

    Includes: 1x LT Bracket

  • Spark Mr. Chomps Black

    Comes standard with long centering bars attached for use with Voile touring brackets, and extra shorty bars to switch out for use with our LT bracket

    Weight: 6.53oz/ea (185g) – 13.04oz/pr (370g) – Regular

    Mr Chomps are compatible with Ignition, Fuse, Blaze and Burner bindings and work seamlessly with the LT Pin System.

  • Spark R&D ARC [2019-20]

    In the Box:
    Bindings, Tesla touring brackets, T1 heel rests, mounting screws, and Spark pocket tool.

    What else do I need? A set of Spark Pucks, Spark Canted Pucks, or Voile pucks.

    Weight: 1.37 lbs/ea (622g) – 2.74lbs/pr (1244g) – Medium

  • Spark T1 Heel Rests

    Easily upgrade your current Tesla Second Board Kit to a T1 2nd Board Kit with these à la carte T1 Heel Rests.

    Weight: 2.54oz/pr (71g)

  • Spark Tailclips

    Tour with confidence, even backwards, knowing your skins are securely in place. The revolutionary Spark R&D Tailclips are a retro-fit addition to any skins – all you need is a hammer and scissors to install. Asymmetric clips designed specifically for splitboards are easy to remove and secure keeping skins tensioned parallel to length. 10cm of tool-free adjustment to fit your whole quiver.

    Weight: 0.81oz/ea (23g) – 1.62oz/pr (46g)

    Kit Includes: stretchers, clips, rivets, and webbing extenders for those of you with crazy long boards (or crazy short skins!)

  • Spark Tesla Heel Locker

    Tesla Heel Lockers attach to the Tesla Heel Rest and are easily operated with the tip of a ski pole. Riders can lock down the heel in tour mode to better adapt to diverse terrain types where quick descents, side-stepping, traversing, and skate-splitting become more effective means of backcountry travel.

    Weight: 2oz/pr (57g)

  • Spark Verts Snowshoes

    When skinning just isn’t an option, post-holing shouldn’t be either. Spark R&D has collaborated with Verts to offer a split friendly climbing alternative – the first ever splitboard specific snowshoe. The snowshoe has specially designed pucks that work seamlessly with Spark R&D bindings, as well as all other puck compatible splitboard specific bindings.

    Size: Compact 18.75 x 8.5 inch (48 x 22cm) footprint

    Weight: 1.21lb/ea (548g) – 2.41lb/pr (1095g)

  • Spark Whammy Bars

    Impress your friends with your climbing bar deployment steeze. This retrofit climbing wire with a side arm lever (ie: whammy bar, of course) replaces your stock climbing wire for quick change high-to-low-to-stowed action. Use your touring pole to flip the Whammy Bar down for 12°, then down again for 18°. Flip the bar back up to stow.

    Whammy Bars now come already installed on 17/18 Arc and Surge splitboard bindings and Baseplate Kits.

    Weights: Whammy Bar 1.5oz/pr (42.5g) | Standard One Wire 1.3oz/pr (36g)