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  • JONES Nomad / Quick Tension Tail Clip Red


    Group A: Weight: 430gr. – 15.17oz
    W’s Solution 148,152,156 & Dream Catcher Split 145,148,151,154

    Group B: Weight: 470gr. – 16.58oz
    Fits: Carbon Solution 158,161 & Solution 154,158,161

    Group C:
    Weight: 490gr. – 17.28oz
    Fits: Hovercraft Split 152,156 & Ultracraft Split 152,156 & Mind Expander Split 154,158
    Group D:
    Weight: 530gr. – 18.70oz
    Fits: Carbon Solution 164 & Solution 164 & Aviator Split 156,160 & Explorer Split 152,156,159,162 & Mountain Twin Split 157,160,161w
    Group E:
    Weight: 570gr. – 20.11oz
    Fits: Hovercraft Split 160 & Ultracraft Split 160
    Group F:
    Weight: 600gr. – 21.16oz
    Fits: Carbon Solution 162w & Solution 162w,166 & Aviator Split 164
    Group G:
    Weight: 640gr. – 22.58oz
    Fits: Carbon Solution 165w & Solution 159w,165w & Explorer Split 158w,161w,164w
    Group H:
    Weight: 680gr. – 23.99oz
    Fits: Solution 169w
    Group I:
    Weight: 570gr. – 20.11oz
    Fits: Storm Chaser 147,152,157

  • JONES NOMAD SKINS W/ universal tail clip Red

    The Universal Tail Clip is designed to keep skins locked on in the most challenging snow conditions. The clip anchors on both the inner edge and outside tail edge and provides adjustable skin tension using the attached stretcher strap. Four solid rivets anchor the stretcher strap to the skin. The Universal Tail Clip is compatible with all splitboard brands.
    – Trim-To-Fit Skin with Universal Tail Clip
    – Skin Size: 140 mm x 1700 mm
    – Fits All Splitboard Brands
    Skins Package Includes: One pair skins /One pair Universal Tail Clips / Four Rivets / Two Backing Sheets / Skin Cutter / Skin Bag / Cheat Sheet